Week 5 Recap: Oregon vs WSU

FINAL: Oregon 33, Washington State 51




@PDuckie83 – Grade: C
Devastated. Heartbroken. Sick to my stomach. Is there much more to say after Saturday night’s derailing? It feels as if we went from an elite program to a sub par football team overnight. I actually miss people calling us cocky and spoiled. Why the uniforms? Why the stunning athletic complexes? Why the support from a fan base that year after year is somehow left….wanting more? I feel sorry for all those who helped build the elite “Men Of Oregon” on their backs, and are left with nothing but memes of dumpster fires and our Head Coach next to it staring cluelessly into the dark night. Defeat is a tough pill to swallow – but as Duck fans it’s a pill we prescribe to. We know defeat. Every season I pray this will be our magical year. I saw glimpses of it with Chip. I saw glimmers of it in Mariota. And then suddenly – the entire program took a massive plunge into…. poop.

Holy shit this is the house that Phil Knight built. This is the house that Belloti built. This is the house that Chip built. This is the house that Mariota built. And brick by brick I’m watching it all tumble down. I know. I’m being dramatic. Or am I not being dramatic enough? We should still be an elite program. A top ten program. A cocky and spoiled fan base. We should be beating Nebraska. Hosing Colorado. Spanking Washington State. Shitting all over Washington. Instead….we are falling short. Over and over again. More than that – Saturday night we had our asses handed to us. What happened to our blur offense? Is “speed kills” just a figment of our imagination now? This is the beginning of our demise – that’s what the pessimist in me keeps yelling. The optimist in me is sitting broken on the floor, whispering, “we will be back.” Back to what?! I’m not sure. Back to being an elite program – both parts fast and fancy? Or back to being okay at best – with a weekly fashion show to look forward to? 

@colewagoner – Grade: C-
Royce Freeman get’s an A+. Bless his heart. Prukop being the 4th most proficient passer in the nation, using advanced metrics, is a bigger farce than when Oregon had the 6th best defense in the country, using the same metrics, before playing Ohio State in the Natty. Prukop might still be the best QB on the roster, but have a feeling Herbert gets some more reps coming up. 

Not going to give a grade here. Freeman remains amazing. I can’t get behind prukup. I’m sure he’s nice kid but I’m not impressed. He seems disconnected. No passion. 

@GoDucksTroll – Grade: D
Without Royce Freeman my grade would have been an F and academic probation for this Duck offense. If you subtract his 75 yard run, for which Jalen Brown deserves a ton of credit for his incredible downfield blocking yet again, he didn’t have a great night either. I was split on my opinion of Dakota Prukop, but this week’s performance sealed the deal. He’s not a Pac-12 QB. His strength is his decision making, and that was questionable; wrong reads all game wrong. His arm strength is the real issue, he grounds routine short passes and doesn’t put enough air on his throws. I was thinking the social media movement to start Herbert was idiotic, but I will gladly eat my crow. I really want Dakota to get it turned around before Washington but you can’t fault me for being doubtful of that happening. We had a streak of 80+ games with a TD pass, and now we haven’t seen one in two out of the last three games. Our freshman laden offensive line didn’t do him any favors. Guys that I was seeing flashed of brilliance from, such as mauler Shane Lemieux, were being abused by the Cougs. 

Player of the game: Royce Freeman. Honorary to Jalen Brown, I hope he knows that fans appreciate his blocking.

@SwooshMcDuck – Grade: D+
The plus is for Royce Freeman. Royce returned from injury to gobble up 138 yds & score 3 TD’s to make this feel closer than it actually was. The offensive line is, well, offensive, to watch. They’re young, they’re banged up, they don’t seem to be improving much. Prukop isn’t great, we know this, nobody argues he is. But too many people are quick to put the blame on him solely when it isn’t deserved. Is he not picking up blocks on the O-Line? Is he not giving himself more than a second to decide to pass or run? His deficiencies are noticeable, and they are only being compounded by an O-line that constantly forces him to panic. Hi, Marcus wasn’t always stellar when under pressure, neither was Vernon, but how soon so many of us forget that when things get rough. Herbert showed signs of impending greatness *sarcasm font*, some will say, when he came in against Wazzu’s backups. Some wanna crown his ass already, so go ahead. They say he’s great in practice! (They used to say the same about Lockie, hi guys!). Herbert may well turn out to be a better option than Prukop, at this point, starting Herbert in a game like Cal or ASU seems like the smart move. Starting Herbert vs UW & that front 7? After what they did to Stanford? Looking to end 12 years of losing? If you’re advocating for that, please do yourself a favor & drink a gallon of bleach. Okay, that may be extreme, but if you’re advocating starting a QB who’s never started a college game, let alone against a Top 5 opponent, rival, yearning for revenge after a dozen straight losses, seriously, seek help. 

@JonathanAdams – Grade: F 
Comments to come below…

@BigShaun – Grade: C+
Royce killed, as usual. As a side note, I feel pretty bad he gets to go to this year’s team. He deserves more. Prukop was just okay. On a team with a defense it would’ve been enough. He made some plays. He missed some. He was just sorta there. I wish I followed Carrington on Twitter so I could see him rage subtweet DP. Sounds fun. The OLine is about what you’d expect from one with 4 RS freshman on it. Which is not a lot. Will say I’m sad Dakota hasn’t learned he needs to block for himself to give himself time. I know Herbert would. Gotta give it up to the WRs on their downfield blocking. We got that going for us.

@DMDoubleG – Grade: D
Hooo boy. Let’s get started. Royce had a huge game: good. We didn’t have a receiving touchdown: not good. I was prepared for a raw defense this year, but I wasn’t expecting an offense in shambles as well.

@MambaSquatch – Grade: C-
The bright spots we are accustomed to still remain.  Not being able to get the ball to an NFL caliber wide receiver is very troubling.

@WildKingdumb – Grade: D
I feel so sad to be losing these years with Royce Freeman, he is a beast and we are asking him to pull a truck all by himself.  (Get it, a Duck pulling a truck… ok, moving on.)  Here is my hawt take: Oregon’s play-calling has been bad due to poor offensive line play.  In years past, Oregon has excelled in showing a minimum number of formations, but a HUGE number of variations from those formations.  Here is an example of Oregon’s WR Stack Formation.  The point of this formation is to widen the safeties and LBs and get defenders out of “the box”.  If the safeties are not over the top the WR go-route are there, if the CBs aren’t up tight the WR-screen is there.  If the LBs are out wide the RB dive is there.  The defensive alignment dictates the play, hence having your QB make less decisions.  But this alignment only allows you five pass blockers and with the O-line play that just is something the coaches don’t seem to trust.  You bring in more “blockers” you muddy the “box” and make your QB try and read more at the line of scrimmage.  Now Prukop has been wildly inconsistent with his arm this year, but I feel (as a dude sitting on a couch) that the play-calling could help him out a little more.  P.S. Royce Freeman please follow me on Twitter because I want us to be best friends.  


@PDuckie83 – Grade: D
We need some magic and miracles to save this season. And I’ll need lot and lots of Valium.

@colewagoner – Grade: F-
There is nothing you can say here. It’s as bad as you can imagine. Allowing 6 TD’s on the ground to a Mike Leach coached team is mind-boggling. Repeatedly rushing two is fine I suppose, because you’re basically admitting you get the same amount of pressure as when you rush four, which is not ideal. Brady Hoke is not the problem, at least given the data set we have now.

@UODUCKGIRL – Grade: D and not for Dye…
aka The Mysterious Case of the Missing Troy Dye.

@GoDucksTroll – Grade: F
In my prediction I said that Washington State could set a rushing record for a Mike Leach offense. 280 yards and 6 touchdowns later I stand as a disappointed prophet. This defense is horrendous, and it starts with out defensive line and linebackers. Where is Troy Dye? I understand our policy of KGB style secrecy, but it would be nice to know. I feel for Johnny Ragin, he was a bright spot and now he’s injured. Our defensive line recruiting and evaluation has been bad. Really bad. The guys we have aren’t performing. Has anyone seen budding star Henry Mondeaux? I swear he’s on the field, it’s just hard to tell because he hasn’t shed a block in weeks. Justin Hollins isn’t scaring anyone, except the tailor that has to make his 28 inch waist, 48 inch inseam pants. Our defensive tackles have the explosiveness of legal fireworks you can get at Bi-Mart in late June. This is embarrassing, 371 yards passing and 280 yards rushing sounds like 2012 Oregon versus an FCS sacrificial lamb. 

Player of the game: None. Nod to Brenden Schooler for saving multiple touchdowns and delaying our misery slightly. He’s going to be a star. 

@SwooshMcDuck – Grade: Must’ve Missed The Flight To Pullman
Where do we even start? Should we even start? The defense was abysmal. Atrocious. Absent. Another word beginning with “A” here. It’s broken. Completely. Each week we wait to see improvement & each week now we see it continue to regress. Wazzu is an air raid school, so of course it makes sense they rush for 6 TD’s and 280 yds on the ground. They got torched, by air, by ground, by sea if there was water. Everywhere. I wrote earlier this year that the D looked improved over Pellum’s defense last year. WELP, I spoke too soon. It’s just as bad & steadily on its way to worse. This could be the new scheme, that seems to be the easy cop out. It could be the coaching. Seeing former players tweeting after the game about put Pellum back in as DC, he was 22-6, blah blah blah. Yes, players are gonna Stan for their coach. One who treated them like his boys. But looking at the defenses PPG the past 5 years, lets not forget the increase of 2 touchdowns worth of scoring given up by Pellum last year over the previous season. This is a defense that for the past 4 years has relied on the offense to bail it out more often than not. This defense gave up 37ppg last season & is right on pace to give up that many this year. Hint: Giving up 37ppg without an offense that can exceed that leads to losses.

@JonathanAdams – Grade: F 
Comments to come below…

@BigShaun – Grade: Damnnnnnn
Where do you even start? No pressure. Was there two TFL? Drop 9 into coverage and still play 5-7 yards off receivers. I’m frankly disappointed in Prukop coming away with zero sacks and zero interceptions. Smh.  The defense is an obvious train wreck right now. Hokemania has died, brother. Also, Hokemania sounds like a terrible STD. Which is about how watching the defense felt. Like pissing fire. And then realizing you have wiener warts. 

@DMDoubleG – Grade: F
40 rush attempts. 280 yards. 6 touchdowns. 2 punts. 
I said I was prepared for a “raw” defense, but this defense is far beyond under-cooked. The meat of this defense is so raw, the animal it came from isn’t even dead yet. In fact, it might be so raw, the animal it is going to come from hasn’t even been born yet. And that animal probably isn’t even a respectable, standard thing to consume. It’s probably something weird, like a skunk, or a nutria. This defense is a fetal nutria, which will grow up to eventually be killed and then cooked for human consumption.

Our defense is really bad. Is what I’m saying.

@MambaSquatch – Grade: F
Getting gashed by the run in the second half to an air raid offense is not ideal.  Out of position nearly all game.  Growing pains of a young defense is one thing.  What we saw on Saturday is entirely different than that excuse.

@WildKingdumb – Grade: F
WSU had six rushing TDs and ran 40 times for 280yds.  That is all.  
I like Oregon’s scheme in that I UNDERSTAND what they want to do.  They want a D-line that will hold the line of scrimmage, a LB group that will attack and blitz the run game or can cover the middle zone, CBs that lock down the outside and Safeties that clean up the rest… the thing is when the D-line can’t hold, then LB and ineffective and swallowed up by the O-line which requires Safeties to come down and play out of position which leaves CBs on an island.  If one link is broke the entire chain is weak and in my opinion our undersized d-line is just unable to get the job done.  I believe these kids are BUSTING THEIR A$$ES but they are completely over-matched especially by WSU’s massive O-line.  


@PDuckie83 – Grade: B
I don’t want to see new uniforms every week. I want to see new plays. New tricks on the field. I want to see the boys I love so much WIN THE DAY.

@colewagoner – Grade: B-
Forced to go for two a couple times, and Prukop seemed to just huck the ball at the ground. Chuck with the return TD the obvious bright spot. It’s just hard for special teams to matter when you lose by 3 scores.

Nelson got some impressive returns

@GoDucksTroll – Grade: A
Blocked field goal. 100 yard kick return, and another great return by Chuck Nelson. Can’t ask for more. Punting on fourth down when you’re down and not going for an onside kick is on the coaches. 

Player of the game: Charles Nelson.

@SwooshMcDuck – Grade: A
Charles Nelson da gawdddd on the returns. That’s the bright spot. And that’s about it. Oh, and we hit 3/3 on our XP’s. Cool. Neat.

@JonathanAdams – Grade: F 
Comments to come below…

@BigShaun – Grade: B+
Charles Nelson with the big plays! He’s a lot of fun to watch. Another one I’m sad has to play through this year. 

@DMDoubleG – Grade: C
Our special teams was…fine? Wogan and Schneider continue to impress, while Wheeler continues to exist. Charles Nelson had an endzone-to-endzone kick off return for a TD. That was a plus. On the other hand, Daren Carrington continues to make baffling choices on punt returns, while our punt coverage team continues to interfere with the returner. I know the call was bogus, but that’s beside the point.

@MambaSquatch – Grade: B
Thanks Chuck Nelson.  A bright spot in an otherwise difficult game to find one.

@WildKingdumb – Grade: A
They got a blocked FG to start the second half to keep the game a two-score game, they returned a kick for a TD that with a failed 2pt con. would have dropped the WSU lead to 16 with 8min left in the 4th quarter, the Punt team allowed no punt return yards, the kick return team only allowed 70 total yards… I mean really, they did everything they could to keep the Ducks in the game.  


@PDuckie83 – Grade: F-
Some will say the F stands for Fire them all! But I find it very hard to call for anyone’s head. Until I’m in their shoes – I will never understand the steps they take. And I find it comedic to hear our fan base call out the coaching staff – only to watch them eat their words now. I won’t even begin to pretend like I know what it will take to turn this program around. I just know that we deserve more. Carrington deserves more. Freeman deserves more. Pharaoh deserves more – the kid is beasting after almost losing his leg!!!!!!  I will never subscribe to the “this is as good as it gets, Ducks” mentality. Too many have literally bled green and yellow for the program to be as bad as it was in 2004. You don’t build a beautiful, expensive, fancy, FAST car only to hope for it to blow up in pieces. You don’t drive a vehicle like that into the wall and think “oh well.” We all know this program is built for greatness. Let’s never again applaud mediocrity. When we say win the day – let’s win. Every time. All the way to a national championship. And let’s never again settle for anything less. 

@colewagoner – Grade: D
It’s time. Blow it all up. However, this wasn’t a coaching loss by any means, Wazzu is simply a better team at this juncture. I think Coach Helfrich is coaching for his job next week. A win over UW probably get’s him some safety going into next season. A loss, a bad one at that, and it’s over. Get started on finding a replacement. As a side note, if you tweet at @CoachHelfrich and tell him you wish he was fired, etc, you are trash as a person. It’s a hard business, and you can think he needs to go, but tweeting him ill wishes is disgusting, especially as a Duck fan. That said, all aboard the Lane Train.

Invoking the golden rule. 

@GoDucksTroll – Grade: F
I felt bad asking if Helfrich should be on the hot seat. I don’t feel bad anymore. This is on him. Strategy, recruiting, player development, motivation, assistant coach decisions. He’s failing in all those aspects. Lubick’s offense looks stale and lacks creativity. Our defensive line is one of the worst in the conference. The arrogance of the coaching staff and athletic department only works if you’re winning. We all wanted Helf to be the one, the native Oregonian who is here for life and leads us to glory. Now it wouldn’t surprise me to see him, much like his transfer QBs, get sacked. 
Note, if you would like some more salt massaged into your wounds: 
Eastern Washington 63 – UC Davis 30. 
Eastern Washington 45 – Washington State 42. 
Eastern Washington has fared much better against mutual opponents.

@SwooshMcDuck – Grade: F(ire Them All)
Okay no, not really, but I love jumping on the rage train, choo chooooooo. The system is broken. Things are getting worse instead of better. 5 games into the season & well, yeah, the season is quickly spiraling out of control. We hear about FIRE ALL OF THEM, FIRE HELF, FIRE HOKE, etc. Don’t think that’s gonna happen. Not saying changes aren’t necessary, but then again being rational about things is just SO un-sexy right now. People saying “Saying a coach should be fired just makes you sound stupid, it’s about recruiting, not coaching.”, well, don’t coaches recruit? Wouldn’t that kinda, maybe, sorta be on the COACH for poorly recruiting? I mean if you’re a CEO & you bring in people incapable of handling things within your company  & your company starts hemorrhaging money, you’re prolly gonna be ousted as CEO, right? Anyways, do we fire Helf & Co. mid-season? Naw, that’s only gonna lead to more instability. Let’s see just how much of the season can be salvaged, if at all, then re-evaluate in the off-season. I know, to you FIRE HELF’ers I’m a terrible fan who somehow thinks losing is okay I should go be a Little Brother fan with that kind of talk. Sorry, I don’t mean to disappoint you with hard hitting HAWT rational thoughts, my apologies. 😦

@JonathanAdams – Grade: F 
Why am I being asked to submit grades for what was clearly a simulation of a football game created by a clever videographer using a PlayStation and an old copy of EA Sports NCAA Football.I mean, an Air Raid offense *rushed* for 280 yards and 6 touchdowns against a team less than two years removed from a Rose Bowl win? Fake.

Are you trying to tell me that a team less than two years removed from a Rose Bowl win had only 416 yards of TOTAL offense vs. a team that only last month gave up 496 PASSING yards to an FCS team? Sooooo fake.

Oh please, there’s no way a team less than two years removed from a Rose Bowl win gave up 10 more 1st downs to WSU than freaking Idaho did. That’s so obviously fake. And honestly, I’m embarrassed for you that you believe any of this and that you’re actually trying to convince me it’s real.

You know what? In the interest of ending this ridiculous conversation I’ll just say this: If any of that nonsense is actually true, everyone gets an F and somebody’s walking home from Pullman.

@BigShaun – Grade: WTF
My wife’s hometown recently decided they hate taxes so they defunded their fire department. Made it volunteer only. Weird thing happened. First fire after the change, house burned to the ground. If Oregon’s coaching staff contracts were a house, I’d want them built in my wife’s hometown. All the way on the far edge of town. Way away from the fire station. 

Burn it down. 

Phil, Pat, Papés…we need you. You’re our only hope. 

@DMDoubleG – Grade: C
You could count our penalties on one hand (4). Improvement! We got a glimpse of Herbert, and for that I am grateful. Was it the only redeeming feature of this game for me? Perhaps. If the coaches start Herbert next week against UW I will give them an A for the game even if they make every playcall like it was picked by a toddler.

@MambaSquatch – Grade: F
I could ramble on about so many things that went wrong.  Instead, I will just say this team is uninspired.  After coming off of two straight hard fought competitive games that resulted in losses, the team looked flat.  It is not acceptable.  Lets see if the Ducks come out with some fire in their eyes this Saturday vs Washington.

@WildKingdumb – Grade: F
I am not really sure what to say so I might just ramble.  The team is not getting better, and they don’t seem to be doing anything different, again I am just a graphic designer so I can’t say with any certainty what IS or ISN’T happening. I love the Oregon culture, in terms of having a positive environment that really focuses on positive reinforcement, and I want to see it succeed.  I’m not ready to sell our souls for a quick football fix, but I feel that the dark cloud of “The Oregon Coaching staff can do no right” is now covered the skies of Eugene.  I really hope this group can turn the tide.  


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