Column: The History of #LastTimeUWBeatUO

The History of #LastTimeUWBeatUO // @AlexHorwitch

On the night of October 31, 2011, four guys sat in an apartment on Hilyard between 17th and 18th.  Being “responsible” students, they had to study for a test before enjoying Halloween festivities… yet somewhere in their studying, they got side tracked. Their focus turned to Husky Hate Week and the upcoming game against UW. As they laughed about the Huskies misfortune and the Ducks winning streak, they thought of a HASHTAG.

That started the whole thing. 

If memory serves me correct, Matthew Lerman had the original idea for the hashtag. Matt Bronstein had the first tweet. Cody Karlin and myself franticly started researching things that were going on November 1, 2003. 

The Marlins won the World Series.
Mad Cow outbreak.
The California Recall Election. 

After we sent out a few tweets, some of our friends joined in. We thought, “This could trend in Eugene. How funny would that be!?” I then turned to my greatest resource and tweeted the hashtag from the Oregon Pit Crew account. 

 From there, we watched complete strangers and Duck fans from all over started to use the hashtag. Former Ducks Geoff Schwartz, Spencer Paysinger and George Wrighster joined in. Cougar fans joined in. Reporters and beat writers. Athletic department employees. Local radio stations. Even salty Husky fans who wanted to remind Duck fans of “Zero National Championships” added to the party.

Flash forward to 2016 and it has taken on a life of it’s own.  There is a twitter account that counts the days since the last UW victory (for the record, neither Bronstein, Karlin, Lerman, or myself run the account). There have been Game Day signs. There was even an ESPN blog article about it! 

If the streak should come to a close, so will the hashtag. It has been a fantastic run and seeing it take off has been a fun and incredible thing to watch. I’m sure some Husky troll will go through the Twitter advanced search history and reply to every single one because they truly have nothing better to do. But the streak will still stand in the history books and nothing can take that away from Ducks fans.
But if we win… this would be the sweetest victory yet, and #LastTimeUWBeatUO will live to see another year.

((Editors Note: A friend of MoQ also has the site with some fun facts.))


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