Editorial: ‘Final Submission for 2016’

Final Submission for 2016 // @UODUCKGIRL

I am not a writer. I am not a sports columnist. I am not a Duck Insider. I am just a loyal go ducks fan and proud Oregon alumni.
My sophomore year at UO was the year of ‘The Pick’ and I was hooked. Back then, we had a U before the O in our logo, we had a huddle, we had two colors – green & yellow and we had diehard fans that cared about two games – Husky and Civil War. We didn’t have crazy uniforms, we didn’t have the fancy performance center, we didn’t have a Heisman and we didn’t have unreasonable expectations. We had dreams of course – Rose Bowl – and we went and lost versus Penn State but then it was back to doing our best and hoping we could beat the Huskies and win Civil War.
Then as we all know came the Chip Kelly era, the “O”, the Uni Revolution, the “I love my Ducks” anthem, and the coveted Natty appearance versus Auburn. And with all the glory and fun of the underdog rising above, the tiny but speedy Oregon Ducks who faced the big mighty SEC Auburn came the expectations and they were lofty. We got used to high scores, blowouts, gear, swag  & Game Day coming to our City. We were really really good at football and really really fun to watch. And if it couldn’t get any better then there was Jesus, Girls and Marcus Mariota and another trip to a Natty.
Don’t get me wrong it was glorious. And I loved it. I am not a bandwaggoner. I am not going anywhere but I got pretty arrogant about my Ducks during those years. I was borderline becoming Ohio State-ish about my team forgetting that one of the best things about being a Duck is being humble in victory and defeat.
This season was obviously difficult for the Oregon fan base but it brought me back to what I really loved about Oregon football for 20+ years. Watching that Utah game was more exciting than really any game I had seen in a long time and I felt so much joy for our players and it’s the players who I represent. Those young men out on the field risking injury, sweating, bleeding, fighting for me, for us.
I wish I was in Eugene but I am not. However, there is NOTHING that would make me give up my season tickets. Nothing. I’m not a fan to win a Natty. I’m a fan with one expectation and that is the Oregon Ducks play hard, don’t give up, be brothers to each other and be the Men of Oregon. That is all I can ask from them. Coaching change or no coaching change – that is so far out of my control its not even worth my time to think about it. It is what it is. And next year, I will be there, cheering, rooting, crying, screaming and being the crazy duck fan that I have always been.
I want to thank @WildKingdumb for honoring me by inviting me to be a part of  Matter of Quack and to all my twitter Duck devoted who keep me company, make me laugh, provide that virtual shoulder to cry on – I REALLY appreciate each of you. We are all part of the Oregon family and sometimes families are dysfunctional but in the end they stick together. So here is to next year and the year after that and the year after that. This is all just another chapter in the great story of our great Men of Oregon and how great is a story if the hero never overcomes some diversity right? Looking forward to 2017 so Keep Calm and Quack On. Much love and #GoDucks!


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