Editorial: Do Something…about that new design, maybe?

No doubt by now you’ve seen the new “Do Something” logo design around the walls at Autzen Stadium. Whether it be on the wrap encircling the field or the entrance walkways from the locker room down to the field, or even on social media, courtesy of @DuckFootball, the new logo is…something.

Win The Day was never going to stay, you aren’t gonna find an argument for that here either. That was Chip Kelly’s thing, Chip is gone, he’s not coming back (sorry guys). Coach Helfrich carried on the Win The Day mantra but never seemed to espouse it the way Chip did. If Helf had a mantra he spoke most often it would have been along the lines of “We Had A Great Week Of Practice”. Catchy, right?

The issue here is not the message itself, I personally, like Willie’s motto in full “Make No Excuses. Blame No One. Do Something.”, it’s the design aspect & branding of it. It’s a multifaceted mantra, one that has to be shortened for branding purposes, and therefore we end up with “Do Something”. So here we come to the design of the mantra itself. Branding is Nike’s wheelhouse, right? I mean, it’s what they do. Branding is literally what has set Oregon Athletics apart from the crowd for nearly 2 decades now, win or lose, Oregon was on the cutting edge in terms of design & visual appeal (okay, ‘grellow’ flames might have crossed the line). The new graphics layout for this are, well, boring. 3D block lettering with a slight bow to them? Oooooh man, that screams…Oregon State. Really, block lettering is literally Little Brother territory, just Google “Oregon State Logo” & you’ll see for yourself. According to those in the know, this design is from Nike itself. But it feels a bit, okay, a lot, mailed in. It doesn’t feel like Oregon, or at least the Oregon we’ve come to expect.

Perhaps this is the point. Maybe this is what Willie & company sat down & told Nike designers they wanted. Something that wasn’t flashy, wasn’t exciting, wasn’t Oregon. Maybe this is the new culture we are cultivating under Taggart’s leadership. A new identity. Maybe he believes you have to earn the glitz & glam of fancy logos & uniforms. If that’s the case fine, we’ll deal with being plain again, besides, flash on the sideline doesn’t equal stellar play on the field (see: last season). Oregon could win a National Championship in burlap sack uniforms for all I care, just win the damn thing!

If this isn’t the point of the new branding, if we are suddenly going to go bland just to get away from the previous mantra & culture then one has to ask: Is this really the best design we could come up with? No offense to whomever made it, I’m sure they spent long hours working on it, but it looks like something straight out of an old Microsoft Word Art design from a computer running Windows 97. Seriously, remember those old screensavers with the 3D time/date bouncing from side to side, top to bottom, on the screen? Yeah, WOOOOO OREGON FOOTBALL! I’m not a design nerd, I’m just a common ginger who thinks this looks really bland. I want Oregon branding that someone can look at & without having to see the word “Oregon” or “Ducks”, they immediately know it’s Oregon related.

What do YOU think?


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