Week 3 Recap: Wyoming vs. Oregon


@BigShaun – Grade: B-

If the game was only two quarters long, of course they would have gotten an A for being the true first half warriors we’ve come to know. Alas, it is apparently a sixty minute game. I know, I am also shocked. Imagine the players surprise when asked to exit the locker room the last two weeks.


This week we squeaked out a second half score hence the not getting a C for the offense. Heading into Pac-12 play the offense has to get the second half figured out. #Pac12AfterDark only works when the offense continues to contribute after dark – and I think they will. Nothing like an ASU game to allow you to work all of the kinks out of the offense.


@GoDucksTroll – Grade: B+

It’s difficult to say that a 49 point performance, with 300+ rushing yards is anything less than an A. The concern was the lone touchdown in the second half. You can get away with that against a lesser team like Wyoming, but it will be difficult to win conference games like that. Also, nitpicking here, but a little concerned about Royce’s workload and the lack of production from TBJ.


@jonathanadams – Grade: B

Herbert’s fumble handed Wyoming 3 points and his interception killed an Oregon drive that was nearly in the red zone. This thing where they can’t score in the second half is weird — it’s probably karma for all the times we bitched about those slow-starting Chip Kelly teams. Big fan of posting 42 in the first half for three straight games.


@Patronusisotter – Grade: B+

Oregon scored a second half touchdown! Sunshine and daisies abound. Once again this was the tale of two halves for the Ducks as Justin Herbert and Royce Freeman poured it on in the first two quarters and then kind of fell off a bit after that.  Someone needs to really ask Willie what he’s slipping these kids at halftime.  Justin Herbert threw for 251 yards, 1 touchdown, and one pick.  The interception came off a tipped ball and probably wasn’t his fault.  Royce rushed for 157 yards and 3 touchdowns on 30 carries.  Kani Benoit picked up another 2 touchdowns off 8 carries and 48 yards.  Charles Nelson left in a boot so that’s not stupendous.  Hopefully we’ll get an update on him this week.


@Jaromney – Grade: B.

Stats are stats, and against inferior opponents, stats don’t tell the complete story. Oregon’s stats looked nice, and hey after three long second half quarters, the Ducks scored a touchdown! After the first two possessions, Yung Herbz just looked off. Sailed some passes, some funky deliveries, let’s just blame it on the altitude. Hey, did you hear that Wyoming is a mountainous state? While Oregon was unraveling up 32, per CBS Sports Network, the one concerning thing I noticed was a lack of push from the offensive line. Again, blame it on the altitude. Did you hear that Laramie is at 7,200 feet elevation?!?


@DMDoubleG – Grade: B

Royce Freeman has already matched in three games his rushing touchdown total from last season with nine. That leads the country. Kani Benoit is tied for second nationally with 6. That’s good. Really good.


Herbert still needs to clean some things up, mainly fixing timing. That’ll come. It’s a pediatric receiving corps. I’m not concerned about that.


I AM concerned about the second half slump. Is it complacency? Is it arrogance? Is it an actual problem that we should be worried about? Maybe all of them, probably none of them. But it’s the only thing really keeping this from an A grade.





@GoDucksTroll – Grade: A

If you could give and A+ in college this would be it. Wyoming was shut down, and their heralded NFL prospect QB was harassed into an embarrassing stat line. Guys like Jalen Jelks, Justin Hollins and Jonah Moi made it a miserable night for him. The secondary was excellent against a team devoid of receiving talent. A lot has been written about how different this team looks compared to last year and I can’t emphasize that enough. It’s going to be a different type of affair once Oregon starts playing teams with talent, but this is looking much better and much faster than anyone could have possibly expected.


@jonathanadams – Grade: A+

It’s quite possible that Wyoming is worse than every Pac-12 team on Oregon’s schedule (look at me complimenting the Beavers, I’m so classy), but giving up just 183 total yards is impressive regardless. I haven’t actually enjoyed watching Oregon play defense since like 2012. I hope it lasts.


@Patronusisotter – Grade: A

Oregon’s defense held hyped potential first round pick Josh Allen to 9 completions and 64 yards passing with zero touchdowns and an interception, at a paltry 2.7 yards per pass. They also held Wyoming to 117 yards rushing on 3.7 yards per carry on 32 carries and one touchdown.  Fabulous job across the board for the much maligned Oregon defense. Walk-on Kaulana Apelu had 7 tackles, Arrion Springs had 4 tackles and a sack, and AJ Hotchkins had an interception.


@Jaromney – Grade: A.

I compared Josh Allen to Jake Locker last week. Apologies to Jake Locker, that wasn’t fair to Jake. Josh looked more like a Jeff…


Oregon locked Jeff up and threw away the key.


The defensive line controlled the line of scrimmage all night, and collapsed the pocket for the first time since 2014. Getting Pagano back was nice, but he admitted he’s only 75% healthy. The Oregon front 7 is perilously thin, so any injury going forward will be huge, can’t afford to have Pagano out or limping around.


@DMDoubleG – Grade: A

Let’s be honest: Josh Allen’s incoming hype aside, he turned in what may have been one of the worst performances from a quarterback that I’ve ever seen. Genuinely. This guy came in as a maybe number one overall pick and our defense singlehandedly ruined his draft stock. Every quarter that went by I felt like a could practically see the zeroes dropping off the ends ofhis paychecks.


He was under constant pressure from the front seven. It seemed like he could never get comfortable, because no matter where he was, Troy Dye was flying towards him. We forced turnovers, played great coverage, and simply played solid defense. Allen was, as the kids say, “shook.” I haven’t seen someone that shook since Jeff Lock– nevermind.


@BigShaun – Grade: A

For the second week in a row I am sitting here calling the defense the shining star for the Ducks. WATTBA. Leavitt and crew have done what none of us plebian fans thought possible. I know it was just Wyoming, but less than 200 yards allowed for any team is nothing to shake a stick at. Let alone holding a much-ballyhooed QB prospect to one of the worst games I have ever seen a QB not named Jeff Lockie play. I am excite.




@GoDucksTroll – Grade: D

Another special teams fumble, from feast or famine returner Charles Nelson. I hope he’s okay, after being in a boot, because this team needs him. But that fumble was costly and we need a solid returner back there. Who will it be? TBJ? Dillon Mitchell? Brenden Schooler? Also, an Adam Stack punt was partially blocked and the Ducks failed to capitalize on a Wyoming muffed catch. On the bright side, Aidan Schneider took advantage of the thin air to boot some long touchbacks.


@jonathanadams – Grade: D-

Maybe just don’t have anyone go back to field punts. And averaging less than 30 yards per punt at 7200 feet is, as Ty Webb once said, not good. It stinks.


@Patronusisotter – Grade: C-

Muffed punts are very frustrating.  Muffed punts by your best returner are even more frustrating.  Charles Nelson, when he returns, needs to get a handle on this.  Other than that special teams really isn’t looking like a world beater group.  No big returns really, on kickoffs or punts.  Oregon’s special teams also kept Wyoming from any big plays on special teams as well though, so just the muffed punt is really dragging the grade down here.


@Jaromney – Grade: TLDR

Charles Nelson ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (get healthy, my dude)


@DMDoubleG – Grade: Big Ol C-

Kick coverage team was GOOD. Lots of touchbacks. Of course, playing at that elevation that should make it easy, but still. Good job.


The punt team has issues. Lots of them. The decision-making by returners has been poor and the coverage by blockers has been lacking. We have some of the best athletes in the country, but even they can’t make something out of truly nothing.


@BigShaun – Grade: D-

That really sucked. Nothing else to say.




@GoDucksTroll – Grade: A

Whatever faults we can find with the second half offense are offset by the incredible defensive performance, as good as we’ve seen in years, regardless of opponent. I was also pleased to see the team go on the road and limit penalties. I still think they’re holding a lot back on offense for conference play. Some will also find fault with Willie trying to run up the score. I am not one of those people, as long as key contributors aren’t getting hurt make the other team stop you all game long. Send a message, this new Ducks team isn’t about mercy.


@jonathanadams – Grade: A

The team was prepared for their first road game and they started strong on both sides of the ball. But let’s talk about Willie throwing late while up by 36.


First of all, don’t use the “backups need reps” defense. Taylor Alie throwing against a bunch of scrubs playing vanilla defense and just trying to avoid injury is not going to help him if Justin Herbert gets hurt in a tight game. You sound like Utah fans trying to pretend their coach isn’t a win-at-all-costs hypocrite for signing Darren Carrington. “He wants to help the kid,” they’ll say. Hogwash. Your coach is an asshole. And that’s fine! Assholes win games in college football. Mike Riley is literally the only person who has ever kept a job because he’s classy.


So Willie is an asshole. And I’m okay with that. My guess is he was trying to send a message to a team that quit in the rain in Corvallis, that gave up 70 at home to its biggest rival, and that damn near blew a 28 point lead last week — play a full 60 minutes. You’re not good enough to win playing 30 or 45 or 55. And if he has to be a turd to a team he’ll never see again, fine.


Or, you know, maybe he had the over at 62.5. <shrug emoji>


@Patronusisotter – Grade: B+

Made good decisions, still frustrated about the very vanilla playcalling in the second half and hope someone gets a real answer out of Willie Taggart about it, but really impressed in general at the job the coaching staff has done with these players, especially Leavitt and the defense.


@Jaromney – Grade: A-.

The offensive second half struggles continued, but this week it didn’t look to me like the coaches shut down the operation, the offense just didn’t make plays. So….progress?


The defense was A+, can’t wait to get back to Autzen Stadium at Jim Leavitt Field.


@DMDoubleG – Grade             : B

Is Josh Allen that bad or were we that good? I’m going to give us some credit this time. If he really was just overrated the whole time, then this assessment may be unfair. But if he’s the real deal and we still did that, kudos


We still haven’t figured out, however, how to break out of the second half slump. Occassionally I have flashbacks to a bygone era when we would call 3 straight futile run plays up the middle, gain a total of 2 yards, and punt. So far that’s only happened a few times, but it still makes me cringe. I trust they’ll figure it out — but they’re going to need to sooner rather than later.


@BigShaun – Grade: B+

The team was ready to go for the first road game of the year. They came out firing on all cylinders. The defense clearly had a game plan and they executed it to perfection. The second o=half offensively remains a concern but I think it is more just kinks that need ironed out than major cause for concern.


For the record, I’m okay with Taggs throwing with under 10 seconds. College football is the land where buttholes win. And Taggs is shaping up like a major butthole to be contended with.




@GoDucksTroll – Grade: A-

We held a team under 20 points, and under 200 total yards of offense. All while putting up 42 points in a first half for the third game in a row. It took three games to crawl back up in the rankings, and even optimists like me are surprised.


@jonathanadams – Grade: A

Hot take: Five-touchdown road wins are good.


@Patronusisotter – Grade: A-

Offense and defense looked good, still a lot of things to clean up but penalties were much improved this game, only 4 penalties total which is light years ahead of last week.  Overall once again Oregon beat a team they were supposed to beat, but they held a potential first round pick to dismal numbers and I think that should be celebrated at least.  Next week should be a first big test on the road at ASU, who haven’t been very good this year but it’s a tough place to play.  Onto Arizona!


@Jaromney – Gradel: A.

Took care of an inferior opponent from jump. Tried to run it up with a pass on the second to last play. Craig Bohl contributing to global warming after said pass, just warned my heart. Willie “Pete Carroll” Taggart is a jerk, and I’m here for it.


@DMDoubleG – Grade: B+

The second half is an issue. We’ve been able to get away with it against the Nebraskas and Wyomings, but that kind of stagnation won’t fly against Pac 12 teams not named Oregon State. Decision-making on special teams also needs to be cleaned up. But this was a pretty darn good showing otherwise.


@BigShaun – Grade: B+

Jumped on the opponent and and had a great defensive game plan. Won by 5TDs and that pretty good, or so they say.


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